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What did King David’s Israel look like? The answer is not set in stone

Archeological investigation of King David's kingdom has been suffering from an inherent bias of the western world.

Ushabti of Psusennes I.

Timna mines supplied Egypt with copper in biblical times, study suggests

A new study on some 3,000 years old artifacts proves that Egypt imported copper from the iconic Timna mines.

‘PRIESTS OF the Tabernacle,’ with high priest at center, wearing the ‘hoshen hamishpat.’ (Illustrati

Behind Israel's ancient trifunctional society

A trifunctional society is defined as “one whose structure comprises three functional groups: clergy, nobility, and workers."


Biblical ‘royal purple’ found at Timna offers look at King David wardrobe

The color, a bright shade of purple, was extracted from mollusks fished in the Mediterranean Sea through a very expensive process.

Just A Thought: The Capitol and holiness

Over the years, I have found that the best commentary to what happens in any given week is to be found in the 3,300-year-old text of the Torah portion.

Ofri Eitan of the Kfar Hanasi pre-military Academi next to the engraved stone

King David-era fort found in Israel's Golan Heights

The archaeologists think that the fort was built by the kingdom of Geshur, an ally of King David.

View from Har Meron looking NNE over the Dalton Plateau.

Galilee’s geography backs historicity of Salomon’s kingdom, scholar says

How accurate is the Bible in its portrayal of the size of Salomon's Kingdom?

STUDY OF King David, 1866. (Depicts Sir Henry Taylor; Wikimedia Commons)

Grapevine October 13, 2019: Honoring the righteous

The physicians in the course are participating in a program initiated by Jewish Agency subsidiary, the Israel Experience, which specializes in educational tourism.

THE PAINTING ‘David Giving Thanks to God After the Death of Goliath’ by Charles Errard.

A parable of politics and machinations of our own time

Then there are the women, Batsheba (Adva Edni), and Avishag (Inbar Dannon), both opportunists, the former blatant, the latter not, each manipulating David for their own ends.


Galut or geula: Where are we?

We like to fantasize about the “glory days” of King David and King Solomon,an era when the Beit Hamikdash existed and the Levites sung and the sacrifices were offered. But was it all really so grand?

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