GOAT tops the 2023 banished words list

The survey received over 1,500 entries of words and terms that should be banished for misuse, overuse and uselessness. 

From head to toe: Origin of expressions about body parts

There are scores of idioms and expressions that relate to parts of the body. So let’s eyeball the situation and get to the heart of the matter.


Sinkhole, governance, delusion: Israel's words of the year 2022

Last year's word of the year was "tirlul" which means "trolling" in English.

What is a notarized translation and what is it good for?

Especially Olim often need to have documents intended for official use translated and certified by a notary.

By Walla!

This is what your body language says about your relationship

Want to impress on the first date? The direction in which you lean can affect the result.


My Word: Passing phrases in time

Far from going into goblin mode, I was spurred into action and motivated to find out what was happening lexographically elsewhere. The results continued to surprise.

This tool can help you translate any Sanskrit word -study

Years of decoding have helped these researchers crack a language code that has lasted through centuries.

Kindergarteners in Jerusalem to study English from next school year

Full integration of English studies in all Jerusalem preschools could be completed in time for the next Israeli school year.

Profanity in many languages has universal sounds despite variations in meanings

Swear words vary across languages and cultures, but have striking similarities.

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