Lebanese army

Lebanese leader defies Hezbollah, but is it enough?

BEHIND THE LINES: Neither the Lebanese Forces nor the protest movement has anything to put up against Hezbollah’s independent military capacity.

Nasrallah: Clashes mark 'new stage' for Hezbollah in Lebanon

Nasrallah attacked the Lebanese Forces, saying that the movement was trying to make people in the southern suburbs of Beirut feel scared of Hezbollah as an "imaginary enemy."

Lebanese army soldiers and forensic inspectors in Qaa

Lebanon fuel crisis sparks sectarian violence

Six people were wounded in Southern Lebanon when Shi'ite Muslim and Christian villagers fought over fuel supplies. Lebanese forces were deployed to intervene.

LEBANESE ARMED FORCES soldiers are deployed after an ambush on Shi'ite mourners in Khaldeh, Lebanon,

Lebanese Armed Forces deploy to north after violence breaks out

The Lebanese Army deployed troops to the country's north after two were killed in a dispute between rival clans.


As Lebanon crumbles, Hezbollah becomes even more emboldened

Lebanon is falling deeper into an economic and social black hole. While Hezbollah is not immune to that crisis, it is still able to play with fire and attack Israel.

LEBANESE ARMED FORCES soldiers are deployed after an ambush on Shi'ite mourners in Khaldeh, Lebanon,

Should the West support the Lebanese army to counterweight Hezbollah?

The reality is that Hezbollah is stronger than the state of Lebanon; taking advantage of the nation’s dysfunction, Hezbollah uses intimidation and violence to exert its power.

Lebanon Army Chief: Economic situation will lead to collapse of military

"The army is the only and last institution that is still coherent and guarantees the security and stability in Lebanon and the region."

The new IDF badge honoring military service along the Lebanon border.

IDF to grant honorary badge for service in Lebanon

The badges will be given out by the IDF starting on 7 June to an approximate 3,100 current IDF officers and some 2,3000 bereaved families.

Guterres calls for Hezbollah disarmament, UNIFIL tunnel access

“No progress was achieved with respect to the disarmament of armed groups. Hezbollah continued to acknowledge publicly that it maintains military capabilities,” Guterres said.

Muslim fashion

Murders of women spark anger in Lebanon as domestic violence doubles

"Lebanese media often help enshrine the idea that men can get away with these crimes," said Hayat Mirshad, co-director at Fe-Male, a local feminist group.

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