Netanyahu: In a democracy there will be no call to civil riots

Netanyahu talked to President Herzog, stressing that just as the opposition won't be arrested, the coalition shouldn't be compared to the Nazis.

New gov't and far-right Americans more dangerous to Israel than radical progressives - opinion

On the Right, any criticism of Israel has increasingly been altogether condemned as antisemitic, a phenomenon that looks suspiciously akin to the cancel culture.

LGBTQ youth protest against far right Noam party at Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem

Maoz threatens LGBTQ+ Pride parade, women's rights in IDF after deal with Netanyahu

The unit in charge of external programming in the education system will be under the control of far-right MK Avi Maoz.


Ben-Gvir: Chief of Staff should 'think twice' about punishing Givati soldier

A Givati Brigade soldier has been sentenced to 10 days in prison for his role in the attack of left-wing activists in Hebron.

Father of soldier suspended for Hebron brutality calls son 'hero'

The IDF soldier's father lamented that more focus wasn't being put on the fact that soldiers were being disrupted.


Five soldiers suspended for beating left-wing activist in Hebron

In another video from Hebron on Friday, a soldier told activists "Ben-Gvir will make order here."


'Jewish supremacy' is an oxymoronic term - opinion

Somehow the Jews – the Christ-killing pariahs of western Christendom who were later brought to near extinction in the gas chambers of Auschwitz – are nothing more than (white) European imperialists.

Will Israel get old responsible Netanyahu or brash with no limits?

INSIDE POLITICS: With no alternate fig leave on his Left, and with a strong and heavy plummet pulling to his Right, the new Netanyahu has no choice but to play the responsible adult by himself.


Naftali Bennett to incoming gov't: Leftists should not be made to feel unwelcome

In a statement on his Twitter, the former prime minister stressed the importance of respect and of serving the entire Israeli public, not just one sector.

Radical social justice ideology is fueling US antisemitism - opinion

Unlike antisemitism coming from the extreme Right or the Muslim world, antisemitism on the Left is frequently spoken about as if there are only symptoms and no causes.

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