Life Expectancy

This cryonics facility in Arizona is preserving bodies to revive later

At Alcor Life Extension Foundation, the bodies and heads of 199 humans who opted to be cryopreserved in hopes of being revived in the future are stored inside tanks with liquid nitrogen.


The mystery of the 148-year-old doctor who created the 'elixir of life'

Dr. Mead's tombstone reads that he died in October 1652, almost 149 years after his birth. It’s believed that his wife dedicated this inscription to him to promote sales of a potion he developed.

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Chili pepper

Five reasons why spicy food is healthy for you

Spicy products add flavor and heat to your food, and have several important health benefits. Chili peppers can reduce chance of developing certain diseases, help prevent obesity and soothe stomachs.

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Politicians live longer than most, and that gap is only growing

Why have so many politicians been in power for decades and are still at the height of their power? This study has some interesting answers.

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World population to reach 8 billion this year - UN

Still, the UN warns that populations are decreasing worldwide • by 2050, senior citizens will outnumber children for the first time in world history • Guterres: "our world is in peril"

Adding salt to your food raises risk of death - study

People who always add extra salt to their food are 28% more likely to die prematurely, the study has found.

An empty hospital bed at Hasharon Hospital

Israel’s life expectancy is higher than average, int’l data shows

OECD report claims Israelis live longer than average, drink less, commit suicide less

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An illustration, created at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), depicts the 2019 N

US life expectancy fell year and a half in 2020 due to COVID-19 - CDC

In the wake of COVID-19, American life expectancy had one of the biggest one-year declines since World War Two, when life expectancy fell 2.9 years between 1942 and 1943.


Women on average live longer than men. Why is that?

Social factors, genetics, and biological factors all play a role in why women, on average, live longer than men.

Elderly couple

New fountain of youth? Hebrew U. finds link between optimism, longevity

Those with a positive outlook had a 20% higher survival rate than those who were less optimistic. This difference increased in to 25% in the 90+ age bracket.

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