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Unity, Mizrachi, and the legacy of Rabbi Sacks

For the first time in Zionist history, the majority of the 525 delegates from Israel and around the world were identified with the political and religious right wing of the Zionist movement.


Time is up for the ongoing, dangerous Likud and ultra-Orthodox liason

It’s been one long political farce, economic scam, and social tragedy, and – as the virus it has courted now makes plain – its time is up.

A TALE of two prime ministers. A portrait of Menachem Begin behind Benjamin Netanyahu

Menachem Begin vs. Benjamin Netanyahu: A window of opportunity

On December 13, Begin called Arye Naor, his cabinet secretary, and ordered him to summon the head of the Mossad, the justice minister and the attorney general for an emergency meeting.


The journey to Jewish pride, beginning with Begin

Jewish pride is a good place to start when explaining just why Begin is the ideal figure around whom to build this project.

Shimon Peres and Menachem Begin chat at the inaugural session of the 10th Knesset in 1981

Israelis love to argue, just not as candidates in campaign debates

Amsalam said that the debate challenge itself is “humiliating” for the prime minister. “What, everyone will now challenge the prime minister to a debate? Forget it, this is a joke.”


Saving the remnants of Jewish life in Brest

The Together Plan seeks to create a memorial wall from the headstones of destroyed graves.


Begin's great grandson makes a splash - but not the right kind - on Ninja Israel

But this wasn't the year for a Begin to begin the Ninja finals.

RABBIS AT the International Conference of Chabad Emissaries, in Brooklyn, in 2016.

Walking a tightrope: Chabad’s complicated relationship with Zionism

The Chabad-Lubavitch movement is one of the fastest-growing and most influential denominations of Judaism, spanning across the world and heavily impacting the religion’s future.

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu walks in front of a poster depicting the late prime minister Menac

From Begin’s tchach-tchachim to Bibi’s bots- analysis

Likud has a long history of milking opponents’ insults for more votes.

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