Menachem Begin

Biden, Blinken, and a nod to ‘Palestine’: US relations with Israel

Israel, it appears, in expecting continued American assistance, needs to deal with quite transparent new American diplomatic and financial moves that promote a Palestinian state. 

A new vision is needed to address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

If world leaders, including Israeli and Palestinian leaders, truly want an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, they need to stop focusing on old ideas that expired a long time ago.


Heroes of Israel provide hope to the nation during war - opinion

The future is bright – because Israel is a land of heroes.

Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump

Donald Trump tells visitors at Miami golf resort: 'I gave you Golan Heights'

The Golan Heights were captured by the State of Israel from Syria in the Six Day War in 1967.

On Israel’s 75th, founding fighters warn internal division could end Zionist dream

War of Independence fighters and a leading historian express concern over the rift brought about by the government’s judicial overhaul.


This brutal dictator helped bring about the Israel-Egypt peace - opinion

Paradoxically, it was a ruthless Romanian Stalinist who helped initiate the process that started with Sadat’s groundbreaking 1977 visit to Jerusalem.


How should Avraham Stern be remembered? - opinion

The once Zionist renegade is now part of the Israeli mainstream - but was he more terrorist or freedom fighter?


Yariv Levin, like Menachem Begin, can stop a Jewish civil war in Israel - analysis

Like his literal godfather Menachem Begin, Yariv Levin has the power to defuse a combustible situation that could conceivably lead to internecine violence in Israel.


New AI app lets you talk to historical figures, including Hitler

The "Historical Figures" app allows you to have conversations with any of 20,000 prominent people from history (including some key Israeli figures).

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