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Yom Kippur in British Mandate Palestine and the Irgun

Ever since the November 1928 White Paper, the blowing of the shofar, the ram’s horn, among other customs, had been prohibited at the Western Wall — Much to the chagrin of the Irgun.

On This Day: 108th birthday of Menachem Begin, Israel's 6th prime minister

Begin served as the leader of the Irgun militia in Mandatory Palestine before going on to form the opposition in the Knesset and, finally, becoming prime minister and changing Israel forever.

 A "wrong way" sign (Illustrative)

Lessons from taking a wrong turn on Israel's highways

I thought I was driving on Israel's highways to work when I realized I had accidentally put in Ashkelon instead of Jerusalem. After freaking out, the only thing to was laugh.

MENACHEM BEGIN just before his discharge from Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem; he had been a

Israel's sixth president: Meeting Menachem Begin at the hospital

He sat in his wheelchair (which he now needed as a result of a hip operation), looking not like a charismatic, strong prime minister, but as a frail and vulnerable elderly man.

Aliyah & Integration Minister Pnina Tamano-Shata awarded Magen Begin Prize

Tamano-Shata was chosen as the first recipient of the prize for her actions in the Knesset, promoting the very same social justice, equality and fight against discrimination that Begin did.

The Begin Doctrine: 'Never Again' is an Israeli promise

The Begin Doctrine was born exactly 40 years ago, on 7 June 1981, when then-prime minister Menachem Begin sent Israeli fighter planes to bomb the Osirak nuclear reactor just outside of Baghdad.


New documentary explores the life and career of Menachem Begin

Using rarely seen archival materials and intimate interviews with people who knew Begin personally and as prime minister, the Upheaval team has created a film covering the entire arc of his life.


Does Israel still have values after its fourth elections? - opinion

For many decades, Israeli politics was a battle royale of ideas between the Labor Party, led in large by David Ben-Gurion and his successors and the Herut/Likud Party led by Menachem Begin.

Former Egyptian president Anwar Sadat addresses the Egyptian parliament before traveling to Israel,

When Egyptian President Anwar Sadat addressed the Knesset

A look back at the Egyptian President's speech to Israeli lawmakers 43 years ago.

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