Milky Way

For first time, scientists use neutrinos to create 'ghostly' map of Milky Way

The new mapping method may allow astronomers to study previously obscured parts of the galaxy and of the universe.


Milky Way may not be the shape we thought - study

Over the years, astronomers have classified galaxies into three main shapes: elliptical, irregular and spiral.

Aliens may be looking for Earth but can't find us - study

Humanity has been looking for aliens for decades but has yet to find any evidence. A new study suggests we may just be in a sort of cosmic blind spot for alien radio signals.


Why is this galaxy all alone? It absorbed all its neighbors - study

Quasar galaxy 3C 297 is all alone in space, but from what we know, it should be within a galaxy cluster. How did this happen? It seemingly ate all of them.


NASA's James Webb finds 6 huge galaxies that shouldn't exist - study

This discovery could completely upend our understanding of space, with the paper's co-author describing the entire situation as "bananas."


Astronomers document a not-so-super supernova in the Milky Way

Not all supernovas will have the same impact on the solar system.


Scientists discover new feature that makes the Milky Way unique

Only a millionth of simulated galaxies were located in a cosmological wall like the Local Sheet and had a mass like the Milky Way's.

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