Modi visit to Israel

Modi visit to Israel

India’s delicate Middle East foreign policy balancing act

India is taking an independent approach to its relations with Mideast countries.

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Indian Jews 'pained' Netanyahu won't address them during visit

A quote from the letter written to the Israeli Prime Minister noted, "Our Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi addressed a gathering of approximately 8000 Indians in Tel Aviv.”

Modi Israel

India revives talk of huge missile deal ahead of PM’s visit

New Delhi will buy Spike antitank guided weapons, media reports say

Visiting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at Ben-G

India and Israel

There are a number of reasons for the change in India’s attitude toward Israel.

Netanyahu to give Modi NIS 390,000 memento of their beach stroll

Diplomatic officials confirmed that Netanyahu will give Modi his own desalination jeep.

Indian Independence Day ceremony in Tel Aviv

Celebrating India's Independence Day in Tel Aviv

An Indian journalist asks the hard questions and tries not to spoil the Israeli-Indian love affair.

Visiting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at Ben-G

India-Israel defense cooperation under PM Modi

Prime Minister Modi’s visit has accelerated the enthusiasm on the both sides.

Modi Israel

Grapevine: Getting their feet wet

It was a photo that simply spoke to anyone who saw it.

Israel Ireland

Netanyahu asks Irish FM why his country supports NGOs seeking Israel's destruction

Irish foreign Minister Simon Coveney arrived in Israel on Monday for a three day visit.

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Indian prime minister inspired by United Hatzalah

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi keen to learn more about Israeli model of community based medical service.

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