Uniquely mummified crocodiles discovered in Egypt - study

Although mummified animals such as crocodiles are commonly found at archaeological sites in Egypt, mummified crocodiles are often not examined thoroughly, according to researchers.

Rare mummy portraits discovered in Egypt

For the first time in over a century, amazing life-like mummy portraits depicting ancient people have been found in Egypt.

A taste for gold: Ancient Egyptian mummies found with gold tongues

The golden tongues are thought by some archaeologists to have allowed the deceased ancient Egyptians to speak with Osiris, judge of the dead, after their passing.

Ancient Egyptians were mummified for 'guidance to divinity,' not preservation

Mummies were buried in that form because of ancient beliefs rather than preservation, researchers said.

Archaeologists uncover pyramid of previously unknown Egyptian queen

The researchers discovered that a previously unknown queen's name was Neith.

Researchers learn about Renaissance childhood from 1600s mummified toddler

The naturally mummified body of the infant comes from the family crypt of the Counts of Starhemberg, one of the oldest aristocratic families in Austria.

Archaeologists unearth eight colonial-era mummies in Peru

Archaeologists in Peru have unearthed eight centuries-old mummies at a site in the country's capital, an important find that experts say could point to a colonial-era cemetery.


Headless falcons and a mysterious inscription found in ancient Egyptian temple

The discovery was made by a group of archeologists digging in the ancient port city of Berenike in eastern Egypt who discovered a shrine in showing proof of previously-unknown ancient rituals. 

Did an Egyptian archaeologist find legendary Queen Nefertiti's tomb?

Nefertiti was one of the most famous women of ancient Egypt alongside Cleopatra, Hatshepsut and Nefertari. Some say she even ruled as pharaoh. But her mummy and tomb have never been found.

New data reveals South American mummies were brutally murdered - study

Per the study itself, "most studies have been performed on collections of isolated skulls. Whole-body investigations especially on well-preserved mummified human remains are rare."

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