muslim preachers

Investigators surround the body of a suicide bomber following an explosion near the Sbarro pizzeria

Pakistan clerics issue fatwa against 'un-Islamic' suicide bombings

Similar fatwas appear to have yielded scant results in the Middle East where the practice is used by Islamic State and other militant groups.

Palestinians shout slogans as they protest outside Jerusalem's Old city July 21, 2017.

Mass protests over Temple Mount carve out unique civil disobedience

Messages of nonviolence coupled with angry chants restrained youth last week, but can Islamic preachers keep the balance?

Israeli mosque

Muezzin bill vote delayed as Netanyahu presses for broader ban

Coalition sources said progress on the legislation was frozen.

Minarets on the horizon.

Arab-Israeli MK: 'Islamophobic' Netanyahu, Trump fueling muezzin bill

Yisrael Beytenu MK Ilatov says Tibi inciting religious conflict over law.

A MOSQUE in Berlin, Germany.

German authorities ban Islamist group, raid mosques and flats

A spokeswoman for the interior ministry said there was no indication that the DWR group was planning attacks itself.

Muslim woman western

Watch: Imam attacked on live TV after stating that women don't need to wear veils

Rashid has stirred controversy in the past stating that women do not need to wear headscarves. He also once stated that though getting drunk was forbidden drinking alcohol was not.

A MAN holds an Afghan flag, one of several that have the words ‘God is great’ on them

‘Allahu Akbar’

The translation of the phrase is often rendered as “God is Great,” but when you unpack the term you quickly realize that it is much more than a simple expression.

Al-Aqsa Mosque

Bill seeks to close mosques where incitement is preached

Proposal seeks to follow similar ideas suggested in France, US.

Anti Israel

Jordanian cleric walks back fatwa against killing Jews

After facing a backlash for the comments from the Muslim Brotherhood and other political rivals, Sheikh Halabi releases two new videos.

Terror Israel

Jews will worship devil, be exterminated by Muslims, says al-Aksa hate preacher

A video of his sermon given on Friday in the mosque was published online and translated by the Palestinian Media Watch NGO.

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