Ancient DNA gives rare insight into how Neanderthal families lived

The findings of this peer-reviewed study shed light on the social organization and structure of Neanderthal communities and families, how they lived and who moved around.

Neanderthals, early humans overlapped in Europe for thousands of years - study

A new study claims there was co-existence between two species of man over a duration of at least 1,400 to 2,900 years.

Ancient DNA from China suggests Native Americans’ Asian roots

The research behind this discovery started over three decades ago, when a group of Chinese archaeologists discovered a large set of bones in southern China’s Yunnan Province.

Neanderthal limbs bones

The Neanderthal lifestyle: archeological insights from Valencia

The Los Aljezares open-air site is "rich in lithic, faunal and archaeobotanical materials, and well-dated in time."

Analysis of 5,000-year-old DNA could help solve mystery of genetic changes in Europe

Two tall skeletons were discovered in Serbia, and their extracted DNA might help to shed light on the mystery of genetic changes that took place in Europe five thousand years ago.

Neanderthal genetic variant raises risk for COVID-19, protects from HIV - study

"Bad news if a person contracts COVID-19, good news because it offers protection against getting infected with HIV."


New evidence shows history of human species more complex than thought

The most ancient human species includes fossils that date to the time at which our lineage separated from the lineages leading to chimpanzees and bonobos.

By Dr. Yonat Eshchar/Davidson Institute of Science Education

French cave reveals evidence of first modern humans in Europe

Sandwiched between archaeological layers of Neanderthal remains early human child’s tooth confirms both early hominins lived there at the same time.

Oldest known prehistoric footprints found in Crete

The six-million-year-old footprints may challenge beliefs about the evolution of humanity.

40,000-year-old sealed cavern in Gibraltar gives new insight into Neanderthal life

Vanguard Cave is one of four caves that make up the famous Rock of Gibraltar and a nine-year-excavation project led researchers to a sealed chamber with evidence of long-gone Neanderthal life inside.

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