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Eye-to-eye? Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama during one of their many me

A missed opportunity

Netanyahu’s slogan used to be: “Not one single brick.” It now seems to have become: “Be like Trump.”

Obama Netanyahu

Analysis: Obama flunks Israeli politics 101

By declining to veto the anti-Israeli resolution of the UN, it seems that US President Barack Obama has played into the hands of the Israeli Right once more.

David Ben-Gurion

Netanyahu breaks Ben-Gurion’s record

Referring to the controversy surrounding his decision to purchase three additional German submarines, Netanyahu advised those “in a hurry” to topple him over the matter to shift gears.

Rencontre entre Netanyahou et Obama en septembre dernier, en marge de l'AG de l'ONU

La période de latence post-élections américaines : un danger pour Israël ?

Le gouvernement israélien craint que Barack Obama utilise la période de transition présidentielle pour imposer des négociations de paix avec les Palestiniens ou une résolution contraignante

Tzachi Hanegbi

Obama 'naive and messianic' towards Israel, minister says

Tzachi Hanegbi predicted that both Netanyahu and Obama were pleased to be rid of one another, despite the smiles on show for the cameras in New York.

US President Barack Obama (L) and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Did Obama fold, or get his revenge on Netanyahu?

Netanyahu closed an aid deal with the US this week worth $38 billion over ten years. Some argue that he could have gotten more.

US President Barack Obama laughs during a meeting at the White House

The military aid standoff: An argument, not a crisis

If Rand Paul had been the Republican nominee, and if Bernie Sanders were going to be the Democratic nominee, there would be an argument that the military aid deal must be wrapped up immediately.

Amos Yadlin

'Israel paying heavy price for clash with Obama over Iran’

Israel, US at loggerheads over next defense assistance program.

President Barack Obama boards Marine One at the Hope landing zone for departure en route to Chicago

Column one: The Obama administration’s most covert war

The Obama Administration believes it is at war with Israel- not a shooting war, but a political war.

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