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The need for Israel-U.S. dialogue in light of the 'America First' strategy

The National Security Strategy enables the Israeli leadership to assess the opportunities and challenges derived from the American world view.

By Amos Yadlin , AVNER GOLOV
Barack Obama gives a statement at the White House

US Holocaust museum pulls study of Obama's Syria policy after criticism

Critics said the study absolved the Obama administration of criticism that it did too little to prevent genocide in Syria.

Donald Trump Jr. (R) watches his father Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump leave the

Analysis: Will Trump’s domestic chaos fuel global instability?

The endless turnover at the White House and the constant tweeting by the US president has led to feelings that chaos in Washington is damaging the ability of the US to conduct foreign policy.

Barack Obama

Obama’s Middle East legacy: Tragic failure

History will look kindly on Obama’s domestic successes, but will judge his Middle East policy harshly.

Barack Obama

Obama’s slap in the face

"I am not one of those who believes that Barrack Obama purposefully set out to maliciously ruin the Middle East."

Barack Obama

Our World: Obama’s war against America

Obama’s strategic campaign against his country can only be defeated by a counter campaign by his successor.


The Obama presidency, Israel, national security and human rights

Ensnared by events, Barack Obama ended up as a Democratic president who endorsed indefinite armed conflict and targeted killings.

Obama Riyadh

Living in a post-American Middle East

The Netanyahu government is diversifying its foreign ties and building new independent capabilities, but critics warn that giving up on the US could leave Israel seriously weakened.

US President Barack Obama waves.

Obama’s legacy and Israel

Obama will have left behind a superhighway littered with abandoned allies, broken promises and disdain.

Barack Obama

Obama and the Jews

Does the president have an obligation to be careful about what he says out of fear it will be distorted to reinforce that Jewish money and influence are pushing US foreign policy in the Middle East?

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