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Jewish extremists appear to vandalize Christian graves in Old City

The vandalism extends a pattern of attacks on Christian sites in Israel.


Christmas in Jerusalem: The Christian history in Israel's capital

Though a minority in a city with a majority of Jews and Muslims, Christians have a long history in Israel’s capital.

Art & archaeology meet below the ground of Jerusalem's Old City

An innovative exhibition of the pottery of Nicole Kornberg Jacobovici in Jerusalem


Hanukkah, Christmas in Jerusalem: Fun family activities for the holidays

This year, Hanukkah and Christmas overlap, so we are looking forward to welcoming visitors of all faiths to celebrate the two holidays.

By Ronit Ansbacher , JOANNA SHEBSON

Hanukkah: Fun activities in Israel for the Jewish Festival of Lights

This is a great opportunity for everyone to get out in nature and visit sites all over the country and enjoy the fresh air and the holiday festivities. 


An Israeli Jew's first time ascending Jerusalem's Temple Mount - opinion

Thoughts about ascending the Temple Mount in Jerusalem: It was scary, emotional, fascinating and infuriating. And necessary.

Colel Chabad: Israel's oldest charity is making bigger impact than ever

The needs of those in Israel changed drastically, especially with the foundation of the state. As a result, Colel Chabad adapted to become what it is today.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City

Solving mystery of Israel's Church of the Holy Sepulchre pillar carvings

While it may at first glance appear to be a bit of Vandal-era vandalism, the apparent graffiti shenanigans was actually a deliberate attempt by the clergy to redeem souls and honor the dead.

Did tourism in Jerusalem recover over the High Holy Days?

During the months of September and October, the streets of Jerusalem were full of visitors – tourists from abroad, pilgrims and families of Israelis who returned to visit the capital.


Arteology: Contemporary Art in a Jerusalem Water Cistern

In Jerusalem's Old City, you will be able to see a new exhibit of 27 ceramic pieces by a Canadian-born artist.

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