Who should lead the struggle in Israel for the judiciary's defense?

MIDDLE ISRAEL: Netanyahu’s refusal to seek a consensus repeats Rabin’s mistake when he launched the Oslo Accords.

Yesh Atid's Boaz Toporovsky leading political battle against Netanyahu

POLITICAL AFFAIRS: While Toporovsky is not well known by the general public and maintains a low profile, he plays a key role in the Knesset.

It's time for Herzog to step up to the plate

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: With extreme voices dominating the public debate, the measured voice of the president needs to be heard loudly.


Israeli opposition protests must be kept civil - editorial

Israel knows too well the threats that can tear apart a country.

A civil war is not a joke – Israelis need to wake up - opinion

EDITOR'S NOTES: The thought that this latest experiment in Jewish sovereignty will be in jeopardy because of internal discord should shake us all at our core.


Israeli opposition leaders pledge to cancel discriminatory legislation

"Lapid, losing an election is not the end of democracy, it is the essence of democracy," Benjamin Netanyahu said to the Israeli opposition leaders.

Ahead of elections, Turkish opposition protest as members face prison

Analysts say that Ekrem Imamoglu’s sentence of two years and seven months in jail and a political ban could boost his chances against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in next year’s elections.


Netanyahu backs off from presenting gov’t this week

President Isaac Herzog will award Benjamin Netanyahu the mandate to form a government on Sunday.

Naftali Bennett to incoming gov't: Leftists should not be made to feel unwelcome

In a statement on his Twitter, the former prime minister stressed the importance of respect and of serving the entire Israeli public, not just one sector.

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