Jamming to your favorite tunes? It could work as a painkiller - study

Music is becoming more widely recognized as a pain management tool, but scientists still question which aspect of the music is driving the pain-killing benefits.

  Back pain

New approach offers hope to chronic pain patients

Deep-brain stimulation may offer an alternative to existing chronic pain treatments, according to UVA researchers who are embarking on a clinical trial.

Woman meditating [illustrative photo]

Study reveals how mindfulness meditation is an effective pain reliever

Researchers found that participants who were actively meditating reported a one-third reduction in pain intensity and unpleasantness.

Prescription pain pills are dumped out on a table.

Doctors have less empathy to manage pain on night shifts - study

A new study showed that doctors who were tired after night shifts prescribed less painkillers because they had less empathy for pain.

COVID-19: Is back pain a symptom of the Omicron variant?

Doctors have reported an increase in patients' complaints of back and muscle pain since the onset of the Omicron wave, and data from various countries confirm this.

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  Woman dreaming

Can we feel pain when we dream? The answer will surprise you

When a rock falls on us in a dream, can our body feel pain?

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Portable toilets

Why you should not sit on the toilet for too long

Do you frequently sit on the toilet for more than 10 minutes at a time? It's really unhealthy for you.

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  Back pain

US FDA authorizes virtual reality system for reducing back pain

The device was authorized based on trial results that evaluated 179 patients, where about 65% of the patients showed a greater than 30% reduction in pain.

  Back pain

Ease your back pain in seconds - here's how

Brandon Talbot, a Canadian osteopath who specializes in bone and muscle tissue, claims you can reduce the pressure and pain in your thighs from prolonged sitting with simple stretches.

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Could cannabis help minimize post-surgery opioid addiction?

The current widely accepted treatment for acute pain involves a mix between highly-addictive opioids and other pain relief drugs.

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