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The immoral goals of Palestinianism - Opinion

The ideology of Palestinianism is that Israel is a “settler, colonial state” on Palestinian land, which oppresses Palestinians and has no right to exist.


Hady Amr’s pointless pursuit of Palestinian statehood - opinion

Abbas’s ploy a couple of months ago to reject a call from US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on the grounds that it should have been his “equal,” President Joe Biden, on the phone, clearly worked.


Gantz: There is room in Jerusalem for a Palestinian capital

He expressed his hope that peace in the Middle East could begin to be achieved by attempting to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Did UAE, Bahrain betray Palestinians by ignoring two-states in accords?

The very territory that Israel has planned to annex and to which the Right already believes must be an integral part of sovereign Israel, remains in their eyes, Palestinian territory.

UAE minister: Our treaty with Israel references a Palestinian state

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is under pressure from the Israeli Right not to do anything that would cement recognition of a Palestinian state.

Trump happy to sell advanced arms to Gulf states, F-35 not in UAE deal

The possibility that the Israel-UAE deal could include the sale of F-35 jets to the UAE has raised concern in Israel.

A truck displays a counter-protest slogan in the vicinity of pro-Palestinian rallies held across Ame

American protestors chant 'Death to Israel' at US Day of Rage

Pro-Palestinian 'Day of Rage' events were held in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto in early July.

With annexation looming, Canada’s UNSC upset is bad news for Israel, US

In the run-up to this week's elections, pro-Palestinian groups campaigned against Canada, specifically highlighting its strong ties to Israel.

PRIME MINISTER Levi Eshkol (right), accompanied by OC Southern Command Yeshayahu Gavish, visit troop

Yes: annexation, No: Palestinian state

There is no compelling moral, historical or political reason why annexation in whole or in part should be made contingent on agreeing to the creation of a Palestinian entity.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu caters to Right, divorces Palestinian statehood from annexation

The prime minister has Knesset support to annex the West Bank settlements, something which he has said he could do as early as July.

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