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Gaza’s drill – preparation for war or a PR stunt?

It is a rare sight; the different factions deciding in an “act of unity” to join hands in the operation.

Leila Khaled

Zoom cancels Leila Khaled webinar at San Francisco State University

Khaled was a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), which hijacked El Al Flight 219 on September 6, 1970.

France protests Israel’s deportation of terrorist who planned to kill chief rabbi

France asked Israel on Sunday to postpone the expulsion and allow Hamouri, who is a French citizen, to be reunited with his family in Jerusalem.

Black September: 'I didn’t know if my wife and daughter were alive'

The story of Jerry Berkowitz, hostage and survivor of hijacked TWA plane in Jordan.

Black September - How September turned black

The term “Black September” went on to ever-more sinister depths, when the PFLP-coined month of terror mutated into a movement whose members murdered 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Black September - The story of the other 9/11

Hijacked during Black September and held hostage in Jordan half a century ago, the Raab family lived to tell the tale – and hopes the world will never forget.

The hijackers of Entebbe - The full story

The shadowy network plotting harm to Jews and Israel included some surprising players.

Dutch officials pictured with terrorist involved in 17-year-old's death

The commander of the PFLP terror cell that prepared and detonated the bomb was Samer Arbid, an accountant for UAWC at the time of his 2019 arrest.

Shin Bet thwarts attacks by Iranian-backed PFLP cell in the West Bank

The cell was planning to target Jewish settlements and IDF soldiers in the West Bank.

PFLP Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Palestinians appalled by assassination of ‘collaborator’ murderer

The assassination came amid unconfirmed reports that Hamas has arrested a number of its members on suspicion of collaboration with Israel.

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