Parashat Bo: The politics of extinction

Religious Jews must demonstrate the beauty and dignity of a life of divine commandment and moral commitment.


Electing old leaders can harm your country's democratic values, new study finds

Can online civic education strengthen democratic values? Young people in Tunisia may provide the answer.

Netanyahu: False threats against judicial overhaul sabotaging economy

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu brushes off warnings of 270 economists that the reforms would damage Israel's economy.

Egg prices in Israel to rise sharply, Agriculture Ministry says

A box of a dozen medium-sized eggs will rise in price from NIS 11.50 to NIS 12.89 and a dozen extra-large eggs will rise 16% in price from NIS 13.10 to NIS 15.19.


M&M's replacing 'polarizing' mascots for Jewish actress— but why?

The move comes after Fox News' Tucker Carlson spent months attacking minor brand changes to some of the characters as "woke."


Herzog: Divided Israel mustn't fall like ancient Israel over judicial reforms

Though Israel is amidst a period of trials and tribulations, Herzog urges Israelis to band together.

Israel's borders are oddly quiet, all the conflict is within - analysis

Are Israel's biggest threats internal, or do we still need to worry about conflicts with neighbors?


Will George Santos be replaced by an Ethiopian-Jewish legislator?

After politicians on multiple levels have called for Santos' resignation, local politicians are fishing for who could eventually replace his seat.

Arye Deri vows to continue leading Shas after being fired from gov't

"It was clear to both of us that we would adhere to the court's ruling," Deri said to Netanyahu following his removal from the government.

RZP minister: West Bank control is pillar of our presence in government

“Netanyahu must make order,” National Missions Minister Orit Struck told KAN News prior to the cabinet meeting on Sunday.

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