Merry Christmas: Israel's Christian population thriving, new data shows

Where do Christians prefer to live? When do they marry? How many children do they have? A recent survey by the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics provides answers.

Voices from the Arab press: Malthus's theory, 200 years later

A weekly selection of opinions and analyses from the Arab media around the world.


Israel’s population at 9.6 million, worldwide Jewish population at 15.3 million

Here are the latest statistics on the global Jewish population and the number of new immigrants to Israel.

How many ants are crawling on Earth? Scientists say 20 quadrillion

Researchers have made the most thorough assessment to date of the global population of ants—insects that have colonized almost everywhere on the planet.


What can the government do to decrease housing costs? - analysis

With inflation on the rise in Israel, what actions could be made by the government in order to stabilize the rapidly rising cost of housing?

Israel's housing prices reach highest in 12 years alongside soaring CPI

The latest CPI statistics reveal that inflation is Israel is nowhere near plateauing.

World population to reach 8 billion this year - UN

Still, the UN warns that populations are decreasing worldwide • by 2050, senior citizens will outnumber children for the first time in world history • Guterres: "our world is in peril"

Jerusalem's Jewish residents becoming more religious - CBS

The Central Bureau of Statistics released statistics on Jerusalem's ever-diverse population ahead of Jerusalem Day on Sunday.


World Jewish population nears pre-Holocaust numbers at 15.2 million

On the eve of the Holocaust in 1939, the World Jewish population numbered 16.6 people.

Israel’s seventh census launched

Israel’s Census Bureau will survey roughly 700,000 people – 7% of Israel’s population – on demographic-related questions, such as age and education level.

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