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Pascale’s Kitchen: Paella and other single-dish delights

For this week's recipes, we have a tasty paella, a colorful bulgur salad and an all-time favorite apple and wine pie recipe.

From everything bagel to broccoli: Weeknight dinners made simple

Most of the recipes are very quick and easy to make, which means I found myself consulting with it each week, as I planned out meals for my family.

Tested and proven: This is the healthiest way to make rice

Should you rinse rice before cooking? We tested the healthiest method for cooking rice.

By Walla!

Pascale’s Kitchen: Class with zero effort

Here are some delicious, elegant recipes that look like they take hours to prepare:

Pascale’s Kitchen: Creative cookies

Below, you will find three of my favorite cookie recipes, which I inherited from my dear late mother Esther and late mother-in-law Gita.

Pascale’s kitchen: Special Shabbat dishes

This week, I decided to offer three recipes for dishes that I love serving my family on Shabbat.

In the grain: Festive food of routine

The Jewish year is filled with festivals, each with its own customary, hallmark food - here is a recipe for country bread.


Pascale's kitchen: Beets galore

This week, I am bringing you four beet recipes that are extremely easy to prepare: Beet kubbeh soup, beets stuffed with a vegan filling, a spicy and tangy raw beet salad and beet carpaccio.

Pascale's kitchen: Tantalizing tartlets 

This week, for all my readers who requested simple-to-prepare – yet fancy – desserts.

Tupperware resumes operations in Israel

The site also offers free delivery on orders of NIS 300 or more, with shipment in 3-5 business days. A local customer service team is available to handle inquiries in Hebrew.

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