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New faces are needed to represent Israel’s image - opinion

It is time for an Israeli government to think about public relations both tactically and strategically.

President Reuven Rivlin at an event marking the centenary of the Manufacturers’ Association of Israe

Is former president Ruvi Rivlin in a new relationship?

Former president Reuven Rivlin seems to have entered a new relationship two years after he lost his wife Nehama.


Is serving in the IDF sexy? A majority of Israelis think so

55% of all Israeli OkCupid users found service in IDF combat units to be attractive.

Here is what the future holds for Israel-Egypt relations - opinion

Israeli-Egyptian relations withstood several crises resulting from regional storms since they signed the peace agreement.

  Abuse (illustrative)

3 ways to teach teens to recognize marital abuse 

How can you raise children so that they won’t enter into an abusive relationship when they’re adults?


The Indian-Israeli alliance is important - opinion

The Indian-Israeli alliance began thriving in Benjamin Netanyahu's time, and it needs to continue to develop in PM Naftali Bennett's time.

By Shaheen Chishti

How do couples branching off religiously make it work?

Couples who develop in different directions learn to work it out – with a little help from their friends


Tel Aviv to allow unmarried couples to register on municipal database

Registration on the municipal database offers multiple services and perks, such as discounts at the community centers, parking permits for both partners, and discounts on properties.

 Trust in psychotherapy –  a common problem

How COVID-19 can heighten vulnerabilities and strain relationships

These examples show how preexisting subconscious issues can be accentuated during a crisis and wreak havoc in a marital relationship.

‘A SINGLE QUESTION serves as the sole criterion for whether or not a couple should stay together: Do

Sunlight makes you fall in love, says recent Israeli study

Researchers at Tel Aviv University found that exposure to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight enhances romantic passion in humans.

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