House Republicans vote on bill to abolish IRS, end income tax

While the bill submitted to the House says it is meant "to rescind certain balances made available to the Internal Revenue Service," the full legislation hopes to abolish the IRS and income tax.


Kevin McCarthy finally elected Republican US House after historic 15 rounds of voting

On the fourth day of the ardous process, the US House of Representatives finally got a new speaker.


McCarthy suffers embarrassing 14th loss in House leadership bid

Republican Kevin McCarthy has fluctuating numbers in those who support his bid for House majority Republican role.


No US House Speaker emerges after eleventh round of votes

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy fell short on the 218 votes needed to hold the gavel amid GOP turmoil.

Embattled McCarthy fails to secure speakership after six rounds of votes

McCarthy faced fierce opposition from within the Republican caucus, as 19 members defected in the first round – which took place on Tuesday.

George Santos lied about being Jewish - why are Jewish orgs silent? - opinion

I am very frustrated with the silence of local and national Jewish leaders regarding the Republican congressman-elect’s lies.


New US Congress to be sworn in – what’s on Jewish orgs’ agenda?

For US Jewish organizations, the new Congress will mean seeking consensus between Republicans and Democrats to promote bills on issues important for the community.

In Arizona, all 4 Republicans whose candidacies unsettled Jews have lost

A Maricopa County court determined Thursday that Democrat Kris Mayes would be the state’s next attorney-general after a mandatory recount in a narrow race.


What does a divided Congress mean for Israel-related issues?

‘The threats and challenges to both American and Israeli interests in the region continue to align,’ says B’nai B’rith CEO.

NY's George Santos confesses to lying on bio, denies saying he's Jewish

Santos, who was elected to Congress Nov. 8, admitted Monday to a multitude of lies he made on the campaign trail, including about his education and work.

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