87,000 Russian reservists sent to fight on Ukrainian front line

Russia has sent thousands of reservists to the front lines since mid-October.

Meet Israel's Queen of Guns: Orin Julie, IDF reservist and model

Orin Julie, who has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media – over half a million on Instagram - where she models for different online campaigns.


Putin says mobilization mistakes to be corrected, stresses need for training

Some sources indicate that some new soldiers had only received as little as one day of training, a senior Pentagon Defense official said on Thursday.

Belarus denies it is mobilizing military following Russian mobilization

"Currently, mobilization activities are not carried out in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus," said the Belarusian Defense Ministry.

Complaints about Russia's chaotic mobilization grow louder

Russia's increased mobilization in the conflict in Ukraine has received much backlash since initially announced.


Categories exempt from call-up to be determined soon - Kremlin

The Kremlin has repeatedly said it will not send conscripts - young men serving mandatory 12-month terms in the armed forces - to Ukraine.


Itai Levy releases song to mark week of appreciation for IDF reservists

The Israeli singer expresses Israel’s appreciation for reservists in a remake of a classic song.


Russia to covertly mobilize reserves, conscript Chechen convicts - GUR

Ukraine's intelligence service claimed that 100 Chechen criminals with serious convictions will be recruited to fight in Ukraine, as will be Russian reservists.

Reservists train for war with Hezbollah despite IDF's high COVID-19 numbers

Just days before the military canceled all reserve training, the 66th Brigade of the 55th Paratroopers brigade had a surprise drill in the Jordan Valley.

New IDF COVID rules: Only vaccinated will draft to reserves

As part of the new IDF coronavirus restrictions, IDF will only draft vaccinated or recovered COVID patients to reserves services.

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