Reviving Sderot: SafeSpace Complex for Small Businesses and Start-ups

Sderot's greenhouse launched SafeSpace this week, a complex supporting small businesses and startups in the area, sponsored by Bank Hapoalim and the Sderot Development Fund.


Osem Nestle establishes a fund to support the residents of Sderot

To boost the city's industry and support the younger generation, the group is setting up a fund to focus on technological education for residents, with millions of shekels allocated.


Betrayal: Why a vital emergency room won't be built in Sderot

The Likud's betrayal may be evident in Sderot's ER funding remaining in limbo whereas for airport staff, who may vote for the party in next primary, it is allotting generous tax exemptions


Sderot students have gone back to school in their city, safety concerns remain

Principals are required to know and observe safety guidelines set by the Israel Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Israel pays tribute to the Bedouin heroes of October 7

As employees of the kibbutzim, Dahesh’s family knew many of the victims of the massacre, he said, adding that he attended 25 funerals and continues to visit his friends where they are displaced to.

Four months into the war, Israel’s South needs help and healing

Since the war broke out on October 7, KKL-JNF has deployed its resources in Israel’s South to help those most in need.

Finding hope amid the killing fields

This is our moment to be gutsy and inspired, to make Israel flourish again, like the red anemones making the Supernova killing fields bloom.


From 30,000 to 5,000: Sderot in the midst of war

KKL-JNF is Reviving Hope in a Shattered City

Mayor of Sderot calls for evacuated residents to return home

Mayor Alon Davidi brought up a plan that should allow for "resettlement" in the country by paying grants to all residents who agree to leave their hotels and return to the city voluntarily.

 ISRAELI FORCES outside the entrance to the south of Sderot, with Hamas to the west, on October 8.

Don't underestimate the millennials and zoomers of the Israel-Hamas War

Despite their wounds, they all want to get back in the fight – together they will win this war.

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