A nation adrift at sea? This week’s looted containers are a metaphor for what ails Israel

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Nine containers full of possessions belonging to other people fall off a boat, and others see it as an opportunity to pounce.


Pictures of alien-like creatures crawling out of the sea cause panic

People got very concerned about viral pictures of creatures looking like 'a headless octopus' crawling out of the sea in South Africa.


Plastic additives harm corals' reproductive processes - TAU study

The researchers examined four chemical additives that are widely used in plastic products and have been found in seawater in tropical areas.

Over 200 stranded pilot whales die on Pacific Ocean's remote Pitt Island

The Chatham Island stranding occurred on Saturday, and also involved surviving pilot whales being euthanized.


Orcas hunting a great white shark were captured on camera for the first time

According to a 2019 National Geographic article, orcas likely target shark livers because they're "high-fat and delicious."

Chaos theory can be used to detect diving patterns in marine life - study

After monitoring an electronically tagged narwhal for 83 days, researchers noticed irregular diving and surface resting behavior.


Does the Red Sea contain a 'nursery' for endangered manta rays? - study

Mantas and stingrays live all across the ocean in warm regions, but mantas – unlike stingrays – can’t live in freshwater.

39 new sea creatures potentially discovered by scientists - study

They include types of sponges, starfish and coral, discovered between Hawaii and Mexico.

Should we be concerned about this year's massive jellyfish swarm?

The unusually large pools of jellyfish sitting along Israel’s northern border are not an urgent cause of concern, said Prof. Dror Angel of the University of Haifa.


Israeli deep-sea brine pool discoveries could provide an ocean of information

A year after Haifa researchers discover the first deep-sea brine pools opposite Tel Aviv, University of Florida scientists find one in the Gulf of Aqaba

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