There is no free lunch - the price of the UAE-Israel deal

Netanyahu has not be truthful when he spoke of sovereignty, even according to the US President Donald Trump’s plan.

Applying Israeli sovereignty: It’s now or never - opinion

The current debate about applying Israeli sovereignty to parts of the land beyond the Green Line could be of great importance to the future of Israel and its people.

My Word: With or without sovereignty

Much of the debate about annexation has focused on the ultimate bogeyman: the apartheid card.

Myths and facts about sovereignty – opinion

Critics say attaining sovereignty will undermine the peace process and ruin Israel's reputation abroad, but these myths do not hold up to scrutiny.

Joseph's Tomb: 2,500 pray overnight for success of annexation plan

"We are here to give a clear message: History will not forgive those who abandon the holy places at this time. We will not accept symbolic sovereignty."


Applying Israeli law in West Bank is not illegal

It is not Palestinian land. It is land that is disputed, and the only way to resolve this is if the two sides can negotiate a settlement of the dispute

We need to take Donald Trump's deal for annexation

In order to secure the future of the Israeli presence in Judea and Samaria, it is not only our responsibility to accept the plan but to embrace it wholeheartedly.


Intersectional protests strengthen Netanyahu's push for sovereignty

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is probably the only person in the country who benefited from the disgusting show of insurrection.

THE WEST BANK town of Efrat, with Bethlehem in the background.

Stop the hubris – annexation is important for Israel, not Trump

What Israel does will be important to Israelis, the Palestinians and maybe some other actors in the region. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Israel and annexation won’t play a role on November 3

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