What unsolved mystery hides in the middle of the CIA headquarters?

Artist Jim Sanborn knew that some of the world's greatest intelligence officers of the time would be passing by his piece every day, so he decided to create a work of art that would challenge them.

US House to vote on banishing Confederate statues from Capitol building

Democrats said they hoped the legislation would win bipartisan support.

Head of Cecil Rhodes gouged off Cape Town monument

Thousands of protesters have marched across the United States and Europe calling for the removal of monuments seen as glorifying the imperialist nature of countries such as Britain.

Can America come back from calamity and crisis?

American legend is built on highly imperfect people who strove to create a more perfect union.

A CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS statue lies on the ground outside the Minnesota State Capitol, after taking a
Historic evidence for why tearing down statues is the wrong thing to do

'It was wrong to tear down the Chrisopher Columbus statue, because Columbus was not a slave owner.'

The entrance to Auschwitz
Auschwitz: Historic site different from controversial statues

Critics pointed out that Nazi camps are maintained to show their horror, while statues of Confederate leaders exist to glorify them.

A sign reading "Hate Has No Home Here" hangs by the statue of Civil War Confederate General Robert E
Ohio city vows to take in unwanted statues amid calls to topple them

Calling itself a Statuary Sanctuary City, Newton Falls has promised to be a home for any statues of historical figures with legacies marred by racism or slavery.

A CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS statue lies on the ground outside the Minnesota State Capitol, after taking a
Christopher Columbus statue in Baltimore toppled, rolled off harbor

The statue, which was dedicated in 1984, is among the latest of historical figures with problematic legacies linked to racism and slavery to be toppled by protesters throughout the country.

A protestor wraps chains and ropes around the statue of U.S. President Andrew Jackson, June 22, 2020
Four arrested for damage to Andrew Jackson statue near White House

Dozens of law enforcement officers, led by US Park Police, stormed into the square and scattered protesters.

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