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Eitan Biran case: Supreme Court suspends Eitan's departure

The grandfather of six-year-old orphan Eitan Biran, who is at the epicenter of a dramatic legal custody battle, requested to appeal to the Supreme Court in order to bar Biran's return to Italy.

US Supreme Court justices question Texas near-total abortion ban

Abortion rights in the United States are hanging in the balance as the nine Supreme Court justices take up the dispute over the Texas law barring abortions after about six weeks of pregnancy.


Israel's Supreme Court: Interviews to start for four open slots

The 24 candidates are supposed to be narrowed down to six or seven candidates in the near future with the committee expected to make final decisions around November 23.

American victims of Second Intifada want Supreme Court to review case

A group of about 200 Americans with family members harmed in the early 2000s attacks in Israel are asking the Supreme Court to review a decision by a federal appeals court

United States Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court’s Jewish issues in 2021

Many American Jewish organizations are worrying about how the erosion of the Supreme Court’s reputation could eventually harm Jews.


High Court judge selection is critical in Israel's culture war - opinion

The identity of the justices to be appointed is critical to the country’s future, as the court is a key player in the Israeli culture war.

US judge blocks enforcement of near-total abortion ban in Texas

"This Court will not sanction one more day of this offensive deprivation of such an important right," US District Judge Robert Pitman said in the ruling.

Calculating taxes

In Israel, can you take your tax losses with you? - opinion

So why can’t the recipient inherit the tax losses of the deceased? And in the light of this decision, what action should now be considered by living Israelis and non-Israelis?


Hamas ordered by court to pay NIS 38 million to victims of terrorism

Since the district court's ruling is subject to the Supreme Court's ruling, the victims' families have announced that they will appeal the ruling to bring the matter before the Supreme Court again.

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