syrian refugees in israel

Genesis prize announces grant to fund breakthrough treatment for Syrian refugees

"We Jews have for centuries suffered as refugees. Now it’s time to help others."

Injured individuals Syrians cares for in Israel

Council heads in the north demand Netanyahu halt medical aid to Syrian refugees

Following a major financial crisis at the Western Galilee hospital, council heads in the region call on Netanyahu to stop offering help to Syrians until the situation is resolved.

Palestinian refugees

If Israel admits Syrian refugees, would it need to welcome Palestinians as well?

Minister Yuval Steinetz discusses the implications for Israel of recent regional developments.

Doctors at the Western Galilee Medical Center treat wounded Syrians.

Health minister threatens to halt treatment of wounded Syrians due to gov't debt

Ya'acov Litzman made the statement on Thursday, explaining that the government had promised it would cover expenses of the medical treatment of injured Syrians, but has failed to do so.

Syrian girl at Rambam medical center

Galilee hospital footing the bill for treating Syrian wounded

Defense Ministry ‘promised, but did not carry out’ reimbursement

Syrian refugees

Israel offers security help as Argentina absorbs Syrian refugees

“We understand the Argentinean desire to help with the global humanitarian crisis, but it is very important that terrorists don’t use this as a way to enter Argentina."

Lech Walesa attends a church service to commemorate former German President Richard von Weizsaecker

'If Europe opens its gates to Muslims, there will be beheadings here'

More than three decades on from the events that shot him to fame, Lech Walesa, the co-founder of Solidarity, is enjoying himself as Poland’s ‘enfant terrible.’

Eritrean migrants in Israel

The Human Spirit: A refugee names Louis

Defiance is crushed with imprisonment, reputedly underground, and torture.

Barack Obama

US weighs refugee response, including 'resettlement', as criticism mounts

The administration itself is concerned that militants from Islamic State or al-Qaida might slip into the country as refugees.

Amoun, 70, a blind Palestinian refugee who lived in the town of Aleppo in Syria

The European refugee crisis will not end well, says Israeli professor

Professor and geostrategist Arnon Soffer says nobody will be happy with the outcome of the Syrian refugee crisis and only expects it to get worse, thanks to global demographic trends.

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