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Iran blames Israel, US for Saviz cargo ship attack

The spokesman warned that Iran would "without any doubt" respond to the alleged attack, but added that Iran would not take any action until an investigation into the incident is completed.


Israel targeted some 12 tankers headed for Syria, US officials say -WSJ

Since 2019, Israel has been using naval weapons to strike vessels which were either Iranian or carried Iranian cargo as they made their way to Syria, according to the report.

Israel begins reopening some beaches damaged by ecological disaster

Regarding the rest of the country's beaches, the statement said that cleaning operations are still underway, and that the public should beware of going to polluted beaches.

Greenpeace: Iran eco-terror allegation 'reeks of election propaganda'

The practice of turning off tracking systems is commonly done by Iranian vessels to avoid detection for violating the trade embargo with Syria.

Over 70 tons of tar cleaned from Israel's beaches since oil spill

The country's northern beaches have proved harder to clean, due to their rockier terrain, which tar more easily clings to than sand.

Wildlife Hospital cleans, treats animals after ecological disaster - Watch

The cleaning of the tar is done using special oils. It is a lengthy process that requires patience and an especially gentle hand.

IRGC siezes ship near Bu Musa Island, Iran

Iran tells S.Korea not to politicize seized vessel; demands $7 billion

Iran has denied allegations that the seizure of the tanker and its 20-member crew amounted to hostage taking, and said it was Seoul that was holding Iran's funds "hostage."

Oil tankers pass through the Strait of Hormuz

Iran’s IRGC seizes South Korean tanker in naval piracy

The IRGC also behaves more like a pirate navy than an actual navy, harassing ships, threatening others and sometimes outright stealing and hijacking vessels.

Seven men arrested over attempted tanker hijacking in English Channel

The SBS's closest equivalent in the United States is the SEAL Team Six, or Task Force Blue.


Tanker that 'disappeared' was hijacked to Iran, crew say

It is highly unusual for pirates or hijackers to do this off the coast of the UAE, one of the most heavily trafficked waterways for oil tankers.

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