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Years of conflict with the teachers should be a learning experience - editorial

Israel's teachers are once again in a struggle for better conditions and are threatening not to open schools on September 1.

Day of meetings yields no progress towards preventing teacher's strike

The latest negotiations between the Teachers' Union and Finance Ministry will be reconvening tomorrow to find a solution rather than the teachers' going on strike.

How can Jewish schools be bad?

MIDDLE ISRAEL: The Teachers' Union has become a strategic problem for the Jewish state. Their enemy was merit. It still is. 

Teachers Union vs gov't: Finance Min. offers NIS 9,000 starting salary in negotiations

The Teachers Union responded that their demands are far from being met and that the talks are far from over. 

Israel's post-COVID earthquake has begun with severe shortages - opinion

Israel is currently facing a severe shortage of principals, teachers and social workers


Israel's teachers, education crisis: A look at the struggle

“I don’t understand how a teacher making a salary of NIS 8,000 can raise a family, and pay the mortgage and bills when prices are going up for everything."


Jewish donors: Israel's education system needs you - opinion

The Israeli education system needs help and the current situation is unsustainable.


Educators awarded NIS 120,000 in new prize for humanities teachers

Nechama Weingarten Mintz, Dr. Gadi Prodowski and Ziv Shaham are the first recipients of the new award for distinguished teachers in the field of humanities.

Are Arabs the answer to the teacher crisis?

Israel is at a shortage of teachers that is forcing schools to take drastic measures, but the Jewish schools are still not hiring Arab teachers.


English teachers trained as unofficial Israel ambassadors

The COVID pandemic created a need for new goodwill ambassadors who could travel.

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