tisha b'av

What did Jerusalem look like at the time of the original Tisha Be'av?

To this day, the day that marked this destruction, the 9th of Av in the Jewish calendar, has been a day of fast and mourning.

Prayer at the Western Wall, Jerusalem

This Tisha Be'av let's recite prayers for the current crises in the world

Keep in mind that the events of 2020 and of 70 are distant chronologically, but that they are similar in several ways.

The hovels blocking access to the Western Wall for centuries are bulldozed following the Six Day War

Tisha Be’av at the Kotel, 1967

The atmosphere of celebration in Jerusalem was intoxicating. Jerusalem was intact and ours!

Music in Jerusalem's Mahaneh Yehuda amid coronavirus outbreak, July 2020

Heat wave in Israel continues, will peak on Tisha Be'av

The Israel Meteorological Service's Discomfort Index predicts that heat stress will be heavy to extreme throughout the week.

Tisha Be’av and Jewish historical consciousness

Ironically, many hoped this Tisha Be’av would be a time when Israeli law and sovereignty would be applied to Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.


A truth about human nature we often forget

This year on Tisha Be’av, shattered faith in our leaders and distrust within society have risen to shocking levels.


Sheikh, rabbi hope baseless love, joint fast will stop COVID-19

Jewish Tisha Be’av, Muslim Arafah fast days fall on same day Thursday

An ultra-Orthodox jew prays at the Westen Wall July 17, 2002 on Tisha B'Av

Western Wall to limit Tisha B'Av prayers to groups of 20

"These days...obligate all of us to intensify our unconditional love, solidarity and connection to the tradition and heritage of Israel."


Chief Rabbi: COVID-19 patients can't fast on Tisha B'Av, shorten prayer

"To our sorrow, the plague is intensifying and we need heavenly mercy," wrote Lau.

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