United Arab Emirates

Gulf’s investments in Egypt keep its economy afloat and provide benefits in return

Real estate is a “classic investment sector” for companies and sovereign funds from the countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council since they guarantee a return.


UAE showcases Middle East leadership role - analysis

The UAE has hosted a number of key meetings with Middle Eastern countries lately.

Bipartisan Senate group to tour Abraham Accords countries

The group arrived in Morocco and met PM ‘to discuss Morocco’s leadership on the Abraham Accords and the importance of the US-Morocco relationship’

Netanyahu says Israel and US must close ranks on Iran as Dermer visits DC

The Negev Forum parley is underway in UAE to plan an upcoming Morocco summit, possibly in March.

UAE will teach Holocaust education in national school curriculum

The UAE is the first Arab state to officially include Holocaust education in its school curriculum.

West, wake up: the Arab world isn't monolithic

The Middle East and North Africa are geographical regions with a rich history dating back to ancient times.


Rafael's SPYDER defense system evolves to shoot down ballistic missile threats

Rafael and its customers researched and analyzed the lessons learned from recent and ongoing armed conflicts involving extensive use of tactical ballistic missiles.

PLO leaders to discuss Ben-Gvir's visit to the Temple Mount

The Palestinians, Jordan and other Arab countries have strongly condemned the visit, dubbing it a "dangerous and unprecedented provocation."

PA accuses Israel of trying to build a new temple on Temple Mount

The PA Prime Minister, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates all issued condemnations against Ben-Gvir's Temple Mount visit.


Netanyahu postpones trip to UAE after Ben-Gvir Temple Mount visit - report

Netanyahu was supposed to fly to Abu Dhabi next week in his official capacity as prime minister.

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