uri orbach

Bayit Yehudi MK Shuli Muallem on Temple Mount, April 30, 2013.

MK Muallem endorses Stav for Ashkenazi chief rabbi

Bayit Hayehudi lawmaker becomes second faction member to declare support for Stav.

Rabbinate fighting non-orthodox

Chief rabbi skeptical about marriage bill

Bill seeks to prevent rabbis from taking money for performing weddings, except for travel expenses.

Bill to end wedding fees for rabbis

Rabbis have been receiving double income- state-funded salaries and private payments for marriage ceremonies.


Parliamentarians slam no-women policy at radio station

MK Uri Orbach: No one has the right to conduct such blatant discrimination; Kol Berama station institutes new guideline to interview women for positions.

Warsaw Ghetto fighters honored at Knesset

Knesset (finally) fetes Ghetto heroes

26 certificates distributed to fighters in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and the families of their comrades who have died.

Habayit Hayehudi

Habayit Hayehudi infighting heats up

Knesset legal adviser says millions of shekels were dealt with illegally; Herschkowitz and Orbach boycott Orlev's NRP convention.

By Gil Stern Stern HOFFMAN
cottage cheese

MK gives Netanyahu ‘expensive gift’: Cottage cheese

Forty MKs sign letter, prompting hours-long Knesset discussion of Netanyahu’s ‘diplomatic, economic and social failures.’

AN AVERAGE 100-square-meter apartment in Hod Hasharon costs around NIS 1.5 million

Foreign nationals limited from purchasing ownership of land

Law approved by Knesset designed to ensure that property doesn’t fall into enemy hands.

Building in Tel Aviv’s Nahlat Binyamin

Bill approved forbidding sale of land to foreigners

Knesset Law Committee approves bill aimed to prevent hostile people or organizations from purchasing Israeli land.

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