US-China relations

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The repercussions of Pelosi's Taiwan visit - opinion

The US and major industrialized economies cannot withstand bottlenecks in the semiconductor and microchip industries on which all technology hangs.

Time for Israel to pivot away from Beijing - opinion

As Israel decouples from China, there will be even greater opportunities for greater cooperation between close allies. Israel must support the US and keep a distance from China.


What would happen if the US goes to war with China over Taiwan?

China held extensive military exercises off of Taiwan last week and the US is focused on a hypothetical US-China war over the island.

By Tony Capaccio/Bloomberg News/TNS

US summons Chinese ambassador as China cancels range of US exchanges

The United States condemned China's actions, which it called irresponsible and at odds with maintaining peace across the Taiwan Strait.

Could these Iran nuclear negotiations yield a different result? - analysis

All things considered, it remains unclear why US President Joe Biden thinks this round of talks with Iran will go any differently than the last.

China fires missiles near Taiwan in drills after Pelosi visit

In Taiwan, life was largely normal despite worries that Beijing may even fire a missile over the main island.


Taiwan, US, China - what is Israel's position? - analysis

While the Cold War in Europe ended with the fall of the Soviet Union, it did not end in East Asia. It isn't Israel's fight.


Why Pelosi's trip to Taiwan matters - analysis

It doesn’t necessarily matter what the House Speaker did or said, but just that she went – despite China's threats.

Pelosi hails Taiwan's free society as China holds military drills, vents anger

Pelosi arrived in Taipei late on Tuesday on an unannounced but closely watched trip, saying that it shows unwavering US commitment to Taiwan's democracy.


Jenin, Pelosi, sanctions and al-Qaeda: Four stories, one denominator - analysis

The denominator in each of these cases is that decisions to act were made even though non-action would have preserved the quiet.

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