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Kinneret water level continues to rise, April 16, 2020
New canal to flow water from Kinneret to Jordan River as water level rises

In February, the Water Authority announced that it would open the dam in late March if the Kinneret reached 20 centimeters below the upper red line.

PEOPLE ON paddle boards float on Lake Kinneret in 2016. It is Israel’s major surface fresh-water sou
Kinneret water level rises by 6 cm over weekend

The Degania Dam is expected to be partially opened at the beginning of May in order to prevent flooding.

Kinneret Galilee
Kinneret water level rises by 1 cm over 24 hours

The last time the Degania Dam was opened was in 2013.

PEOPLE ON paddle boards float on Lake Kinneret in 2016. It is Israel’s major surface fresh-water sou
Water NGO head: Crisis isn’t all the authority’s fault

‘Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater,’ says Raanan Adin in response to the State Comptroller’s Report.

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Comptroller blasts short-sighted management of national water supply

"The Water Authority has implemented a short-sighted series of operations in the water sector," State Comptroller Joseph Shapira said.

Five-year drought brings Israeli water bodies to historically low levels

Today, the water level in the Kineret is -214.20m, dropping 1 cm a day

US, Europe stream toward Israeli-run water technology

“We are bringing together the heartland of America with the Holy Land, we are bringing both the Mideast and the Midwest together."

SAMARIA REGIONAL COUNCIL head Yossi Dagan (left), Infrastructure Minister Yuval Steinitz (center) an
Israel opens 13 km. pipeline to alleviate West Bank water shortage

The Water Authority and setters have also charged that Palestinian theft of water has depleted supplies.

WATER TRUCKS are needed in the settlement of Shavei Shomron, west of Nablus.
Palestinians, Israeli settlers running out of water in West Bank

“Today we are working in order to expand the capability of supplying water in all Judea and Samaria.”

U.S. President Donald Trump looks towards Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Trump takes credit for 'vital' Israeli-Palestinian water deal

The deal will release 33 million cubic meters of water to the PA, relieving a serious shortage in the Palestinian territories.

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