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Thousands gather at Western Wall for Birkat Kohanim

The event was spread across two days this year to allow as many people as possible to attend despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Thousands take part in Birkat Kohanim for first time since COVID

This marks the first time that a priestly blessing event at this capacity has occurred since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak.

Notes in the Western Wall are cleared before Passover, 2021

Western Wall notes cleaned out ahead of Passover

The notes placed in the cracks of the Western Wall are cleared out twice a year: before Passover and before Rosh Hashana.

Interfaith prayer service at Western Wall for end of coronavirus

The initiative started in Spain, where believers from the various religions conveyed prayers for the clergy to place in the Western Wall.

Fighting up a wall for the pluralistic Kotel Agreement

RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS: Five years after first being approved, then, the Kotel Agreement remains suspended but not forgotten.

Kotel stones get inoculated? Antiquities Authority prepares for Passover

Among routine restoration works, limestone-based grout is injected into fissures to repair cracks.

Holocaust survivor Shoshana Ovitz celebrates her 104th birthday with 400 descendants in August 2019

Holocaust survivor with about 400 descendants passes away at 105

Shoshana Ovitz survived Auschwitz after witnessing her mother being handed over to the infamous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele.

Western Wall welcomes guests as coronavirus restrictions eased

The Western Wall Plaza reopened on Sunday morning to people from all over the country following the one kilometer restriction being removed.

WZO vice chair shouldn't criticize NIS 20m. for Kotel egal prayer area

The Jewish people have been voting with their collective feet, consistently coming to pray at the original Western Wall plaza and upholding the 1,500-year-old prayer tradition.

US Ambassador to Israel bids farewell with trip to Western Wall

Friedman came full circle, as when he began his role as ambassador, landing in Israel in May of 2017, his first act was to pray at the Western Wall.

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