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Whoopi Goldberg doesn't decide what Jews are - we do - opinion

We will continue to be painted and contextualized by others – as long as we allow them, as long as we give up the authority over our own narrative.

By Nolan Lebovitz

Whoopi Goldberg should be suspended from ABC for good - opinion

Thank you Goldberg for exposing the truth about the progressive liberal dogma.


Whoopi Goldberg right on Jews not being a race, wrong on Holocaust - opinion

The Holocaust was all about deadly Race Theory, but Hitler, Germany and the Nazis do not define the Jewish people.

AOC: ABC suspending Whoopi Goldberg 'unnecessary,' 'we should move on'

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thought it unneeded to suspend Goldberg, who she said apologized sincerely, which was even accepted by the ADL.

ADL changes definition of racism after Whoopi Goldberg incident

The ADL changes its definition of racism to include both race and ethnicity.

Whoopi Goldberg is symptom of America gone wrong on race - editorial

What Goldberg suffers from is a warped view of race that is heavily influenced by the woke culture that has taken over normal discourse in the United States and other Western countries.

Amnesty, Whoopi: Responding to false claims about Israel, Jews wrongly

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: There are different ways to refute claims about Israel and Jews. Why do we keep choosing the wrong ones?

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