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Wine Talk: Eat, drink and be merry

Perhaps the sagest advice of how to enjoy yourself on Yom Ha’atzma’ut was found on a 6th century BCE wine chalice discovered in Cyprus. 'Be Happy, Drink Well.'

Wine Talk: This year is different… from all other years

Buy where you are most comfortable and within your budget.

Take a virtual wine tour of Israel at the Seder

It may not yet be able to physically travel to Israel, but you can take a virtual tour through Israel’s wineries. I suggest a different winery for each of the four cups.


Passover: The best wines to buy for the holiday

As we cautiously return to some sort of normalcy, there’s no better way to celebrate this year’s holiday of freedom than to raise our glasses with family and friends on the eve of Passover.


Wine Talk: Turning a hobby into a profession

Winemaking was a mainstay of the economy thousands of years ago, and Shiloh Winery renewed the tradition of winemaking in the same place, in our days.

PURIM IS the time for a party, with good-value wine. The Selected brand of Carmel Winery, 50 years

Purim, Passover: Israeli wines to celebrate victory, freedom - opinion

A guide to superb Israeli wines for Purim and Passover, each of which I have been privileged to taste recently.

PURIM IS the time for a party, with good-value wine. The Selected brand of Carmel Winery, 50 years

Wine talk: Drinking to remember... or maybe to forget

The idea is to drink enough so one is unable to tell the difference between the phrases “Blessed be Mordechai” and “Cursed be Haman.”

Red lips & pink wine: What to buy this Valentine's Day

For whatever you'll do this coming day of love.


Wine Talk: Roses & rosés

Whereas roses can be red or pink to send an “I love you” message, the romantic color for wine is pink.

Wine Talk: First among equals

If the Golan Heights Winery has been at the center of the wine revolution in Israel, then it is Victor Schoenfeld who has been the beating heart of the winery.

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