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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the 2021 International Bible Contest for Youth on Thursday, Isr

As time runs out, Netanyahu bloc pushing bill for PM direct election

Netanyahu holds a significant advantage over other prime minister candidates in polls.

Lapid says Rivlin will give him next mandate

Yesh Atid leader reaches out to Shas, United Torah Judaism.


Yesh Atid, Joint List, Meretz MKs exit Knesset plenum for Ben-Gvir speech

"This is the moment I've been waiting for," Ben-Gvir said. "The moment where I get up to speak and they, the supporters of terror, [Joint List MK] Ahmad Tibi, are exiting."

Netanyahu and Lapid

Israel’s plight: An absence of leadership

Last month, voters went to the polls for the fourth time in two years.

Israel left in limbo as political deadlock left unresolved - analysis

None of the sides reached an agreement on how to share power and form a government in initial talks.


Israel Elections: How parties can form a government to avoid 5th election

POLITICAL AFFAIRS: Five former MKs and one soon-to-be share insights on how we can clean up the current political mess and move forward.

Lapid, Likud meet kingmaker Abbas in effort to draft coalition

Benny Gantz does not endorse Yair Lapid in long-awaited meeting • Likud MK Ayoub Kara to 'Post': I am sure PM Benjamin Netanyahu will form next government

Lapid meets with Abbas for coalition talks

Abbas has become somewhat of an unlikely kingmaker since his party cleared the threshold to gain four Knesset seats, which could allow him to recommend either Netanyahu or his challenger, Lapid.

How can this circus end while respecting the voters' verdict?

Middle Israel: This can’t go on. If this country is dragged to an election every half year, the Jewish state might decompose.

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