All Out Adventure: Romantic railway route

Take a stroll though a landscaped urban park taking in some of Jerusalem's most beautiful neighborhoods.

Train track walk (photo credit: Tourist Israel)
Train track walk
(photo credit: Tourist Israel)
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An urban park passing along the old railway line taken by the old train from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem offers a new stroll through beautifully landscaped gardens in the midst of some of Jerusalem’s most beautiful neighborhoods.
The train track park starts from the old Jerusalem Railway Station (the Khan Station), the historic terminus of the Jaffa to Jerusalem railway line which opened in 1892 and was closed in 1998.
Today, the active railway line runs from Tel Aviv to Malcha in the south of Jerusalem, leaving a stretch of unused railway line, which is being gradually transformed into a beautiful urban oasis. Eventually this will run all the way from the Khan Station to Malha. At present it runs about one quarter of the way, largely through the German Colony and Baka neighborhoods leading south to the edge of Talpiot.
Whilst walking the current length of the path only takes half an hour or so, the benches and lawns that line the route, as well as the great cafes that are just minutes away on either side of the trail make it a great evening or weekend stroll.
Starting from Derech Beit Lechem at the junction with Emek Refaim, head south along the railway tracks passing the station compound on your left. Cross Derech Beit Lechem and the tracks pass down the center of Derech HaRekevet (literally ‘the train road’), which is the fringe between the neighborhoods of the German Colony on the right, and Baka on the left.
Once you reach the end of the line at Pierre Koenig Street, make a right and head back onto Emek Refaim. You can head direct back to the start by walking straight, or alternatively turn off into some of the side streets that possess the magical Templar style buildings which have been painstakingly restored in recent years. 
Accessing the Railway Walk
There is a parking lot virtually opposite the entrance (junction of Emek Refaim and Derech Beit Lechem)
Bus routes directly serving the start of the railway like are 4, 18 and 21 (stop is Liberty Bell Park) although there are many others stopping nearby, and it is only a fifteen or so minute walk from the center of town.
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