Place to Stay: Estate of mind

Ahuzat Barash lets you bring dogs.

barash estate 248.88 (photo credit: Shmuel Bar-Am)
barash estate 248.88
(photo credit: Shmuel Bar-Am)
In the early 1950s, a decision was made to settle new immigrants - mainly from Morocco, Kurdistan and Iran - in the Ta'anach Region (Hevel Hata'anach). Each community was named for Ta'anach, a large Canaanite city conquered by Joshua, that stood in the southern Jezreel Valley. Thus, until they were given permanent names, they were called "Ta'anach Alef," "Ta'anach Bet" and so on. Although I have passed through the region on occasion, I have never spent any time there. So I was delighted when the owner of a guest house in Moshav Barak invited me for a stay. And I was doubly delighted to find I could bring my dog along with me - a rare pleasure, as I have found that most guest houses/hotels/tzimmerim won't let you bring your pet - or if you can, it has to stay outdoors. The guest house is called Ahuzat Barash (the Barash Estate) and includes seven spacious apartments/rooms, beautifully if rather eclectically furnished. The family apartments have an attic that can fit four or five children, and include a living room and bedroom; couples can stay in a huge, one-room apartment that contains an enormous television and an even bigger Jacuzzi. A small swimming pool and Jacuzzi are right outside the rooms, while kids can also be kept happy on the estate's eight dunams of land visiting goats, rabbits and horses. Bookworms will have fun browsing the collection of books in the library, located in an old watchtower, while extended families and friends will enjoy the opportunity to have a barbecue on the roof. Breakfast is included in the price - but the canned fruits and juices need to be replaced with our wonderful Israeli produce. n Ahuzat Barash, Moshav Barak, 054-457-3022. The writer was a guest of the Barash Estate.