The god of small things

Aromantica, a zimmer on moshav Ben Ami near Nahariya, is like a secret weekend get-away so perfect you don't want anyone else to know about.

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Garden 88
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Sometimes you find a secret weekend get-away so perfect you don't want anyone else to know about it... And that's exactly the case with Aromantica, a zimmer run by Varda and Ilan Josipovich on moshav Ben Ami near Nahariya. Before building their three dreamy wooden cabins, the couple went on an expedition to more than 50 zimmers in the northern area of the country to be sure their vacation spot would provide its guests with the highest standards and include all the needed details. And all their research certainly paid off! Located in a beautifully landscaped garden containing over 150 varieties of plants and trees, all the cabins are situated so the sun will fall on the front of the veranda at specific times of the day. A communal pergola with hammocks, low sitting chairs and small coffee tables can be found in the backyard. Our cabin had its own private garden which was secluded by a tall bamboo fence, providing us with the privacy we were searching for on a weekend getaway for two. Almost all zimmers for couples now contain the standard Jacuzzi, TV, DVD, stereo, large bed and living room suite. What was unique to Aromantica was the beautiful wood-burning stove in the middle of the room. The stove was build by a Druze family in a neighboring village and although there was also central heating, we couldn't give up the opportunity to light the stove and enjoy the old-fashioned warmth and glow of the fire. The three spacious cabins are decorated in warm colors with luxurious linens and robes - something that creates a homey ambiance. The attention to small things can sometimes elevate a zimmer from an average cabin to an outstanding and memorable one. You'll be surprised how simply freshly baked cookies, a bottle of wine, the sound of a water fountain and a few yellow glass candles take the daily stress of life away. Ilan and his wife gave us a grand tour through their avocado orchard - and we now know the specific details of at least six different varieties of avocados. It was truly fun to pick avocados directly off the tree and watch them ripen when we got home. At a small section of the orchard the couple grow olive trees and make their own olive oil, and a bottle of this tasty oil is given as a gift to each guest. Throughout the weekend, the Josipovichs made us feel comfortable and relaxed. A delicious home-cooked breakfast including bread, jams and quiche is served as part of the service. Moshav Ben Ami is close to a number of good restaurants and hiking areas. I would suggest taking a 20-minute drive north on road 70 to Admit Park, where you can enjoy breathtaking vistas of the sea while having a simple walk (also wheelchair accessible) through the park to the Keshet Cave. A cabin during the week is NIS 550, and over the weekend it costs NIS 650 per night with a minimum of two nights. For reservations call: (04) 982-0484