Weekend Walk: Zaki water hike

With summer in full swing, cool off by doing this easy water hike north of the Kinneret, which is suitable for all the family.

As the summer reaches its peak, there is nothing better then checking out one of the country's many water hikes. One of the best on offer is the Zaki hike, just north of the Kinneret.
From Route 90, turn right on to Route 87 which runs parallel to the Kinneret. Turn right at the Yehudiya Junction on to Route 92 and then turn right and follow the track down towards the parking lot.
This hike, which is relatively easy and suitable for children above the age of five, only takes up to a half a day which leaves plenty of time to explore the local area. Try to get there early to avoid the crowds.
Follow the green signs and this will lead you to the water. Enter the river and follow it down, taking care while walking over the slippery rocks.
For most of the hike it is possible to walk, however there is one point where the river widens and deepens, making it almost impossible not to swim.
When you reach the large pool at the end, this is a sign to leave the water and follow the path back to the car. This walk should take no longer than 20 minutes.
Remember to apply sun screen, wear hats and take plenty of drinking water. It is recommended to wear a bathing suit and not take anything with you that wouldn't want to get wet. Place valuables in a waterproof bag.

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