Top 5: Passover activities in Jerusalem

With so much going on during Hol Hamoed in the capital, it makes sense to plan ahead.

Yad HaShmona 311 (photo credit:
Yad HaShmona 311
(photo credit:
The intermediate days of Passover (Hol Hamoed) are a great opportunity to spend quality time with yourself or your loved ones exploring Jerusalem and its surrounds.
1. Hiking
Magnificent spring weather and fewer Kosher restaurant options make Hol Hamoed a good time to pack up some food and go on a hike. There are many organized options including a young professionals’ hike in the Carmel and Jezreel Valley in the North run by Nefesh ‘b Nefesh and others organized by private tour companies.
Or, you can do your own thing. Israel is well equipped for campers with many clean camping grounds and facilities. The hills and mountains of Jerusalem are beautiful this time of year so you don’t need to go far.
2. Birkat Hakohanim (Blessing of the Priests)
Passover is one of the three festivals that Jews traditionally made pilgrimages to the Temple. Nowadays, this event at the Western Wall is quite a spectacle as thousands of the descendants of the Jewish priestly tribe, the Kohanim, come together to bless the Jewish nation.
Birkat Hakohanim is unique and memorable, but not recommended for those who avoid crowds.
Address: Western Wall Plaza
When: April 8
3. Ice Festival
Hol Hamoed is the perfect time to visit the Old Train Station Compound and experience the magical Ice Festival. The Festival is one of the largest of its kind in the world and features ice slides, an ice skating rink, an ice bar and beautiful ice sculptures of Jerusalem landmarks like the Shrine of the Book.
The temperature is set to ten degrees below zero, and warm coats are handed out upon arrival.
Address: Old Train Station Compound, David Remez Street
Phone: (02) 623-7000 (tickets via Bimot)
4. Ein Yael Spring Festival
The Ein Yael Active Museum takes you back to Roman times with an old Roman Street, ancient terraces and agricultural equipment, period actors and musicians, orchards and farm animals.
Children and families should not miss the Ein Yael Spring Festival, with tours of the gardens and creative workshops for children like mosaic workshops and paper-making workshops.
Address: Malha, across the street from the Biblical Zoo and Malha Technology Park
Phone: (02) 645-1866
When: April 9 till April 11, 10:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m.
5. Bible Lands Museum
The Bible Lands Museum is offering Passover-themed activities for the whole family, and entry is free, courtesy of Bank Hapoalim.
Though the spoken activities are in Hebrew, there are many suitable for English speakers such as art workshops for children where they create memorable souvenirs such as baby Moses in his basket or an Egyptian theater doll. There will also be free daily guided tours through the museum’s exhibitions.
Address: 25 Granot Street, Givat Ram
Phone: (02) 561-1066     
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