Apps let you have Tel Aviv in the palm of your hand

These 3 handy smartphone applications are great for those looking to explore The White City during Succot.

View of Tel Aviv (photo credit: Judith Goldstein)
View of Tel Aviv
(photo credit: Judith Goldstein)
With the Succot holiday upon us and the weather cooling down, it's a perfect time to get outside and explore what Tel Aviv has to offer. Instead of spending money on a bulky guidebook, we recommend simply downloading one of the many useful free smartphone applications available that can help navigate The White City.
There is no better time to start using mobile apps as just last week the Tel Aviv Municipality launched a citywide free wi-fi network, which it says will provide 80 free Internet “hot spots” across the city.
Residents and visitors can log on at dozens of spots around the city such as the beach, tourist attractions and boulevards.
With so many apps out there it's hard to choose the right one, so we've selected three of the best free ones that will help you make the most of exploring Tel Aviv.
Chronus City
Chronus City is a great app for those looking to venture slightly off the beaten track. The new app is a must for explorers wanting to learn about the history of Tel Aviv with the help of designated tours. Each tour includes an interactive map as well as text, video, audio and pictures at each step along the way.
Featuring a clean, modern design, the app is user-friendly so there's no need to be a technology geek or a map expert in order to navigate it.
The tours focus on varies areas of the city and include modern landmarks, historic sites and some of the city's most interesting secrets.
The app currently features tours of popular areas such as Rothschild Boulevard and the beachfront as well as slightly quirkier tours that explore the crime scene in Tel Aviv and even a vegetarian bike tour. 
All of the tours on the app are user-generated, meaning anyone can logon to to provide a tour of the city, so expect plenty more interesting tours to come.
Telobike: Tel-Aviv Bicycle
A walking tour of Tel Aviv can only be topped by a bike ride around the city. Launched over two years ago, the Tel-O-Fun bike rental system has proven a hit with residents and tourists.
Telobike: Tel-Aviv Bicycle is an unofficial app that lets users see which stations are closest to them through the use of a handy map. Using a color coded system, the app features a real time status update of all the stations to tell users how many bikes there are as well as how many free spaces are available.
Some other great features include a rental reminder timer, the ability to save favorite stations and push notifications for critical rental service info.
As part of its “digital revolution,” Tel Aviv recently launched its Digi-Tel app to coincide with the unveiling of an online system of the same name wherein residents can access municipal services, and receive personalized updates on happenings in the city.
While geared to residents of Tel Aviv, the app is also useful to outside visitors. The app is only currently available in Hebrew but we thought it worth including because of the excellent design and ease of use.
It features a "what's going on" section with all the latest cultural events as well as restaurants and movies. The app also includes a useful location-based feature that gives details of the nearest services and places of interest.