Bake someone happy

Big names in Israeli baking will participate in "Baking Theater," a baking festival with everything from praline workshops to tasting booths.

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baking theater 88.298
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"The art and science of good eating." That is the definition of "gastronomy," and it is the topic at the Al HaShulchan Gastronomy Center's first ever "Baking Theater" dedicated to educating, inspiring and outfitting the entire spectrum of Israeli bakers. From workshops in praline decorating to tasting booths and the sale of every baking tool imaginable, all baking needs will be met. A survey done by the Shimrit company last year showed that over 50% of Israeli households bake at least once a week, making Israelis some of the most prolific bakers around. The survey also showed that even 60% of soldiers find time to bake, while university students were also found to be avid bakers. This new information about the popularity of baking in Israel demanded a response from Al HaShulchan. The resulting "Baking Theater" will take place over two intensive days this week. All the big names in baking will be on hand for half-hour presentations about various pastries and special desserts. The baking wizards are: Erez Komarovsky (Lechem Erez), Miri Kornberg (Metuka), Reviva Appel (Reviva and Celia), Mishi Blog (Mishi Chocolates), Ben-Ami Bertini Shavit (Ben-Ami Pastries), Hans Bertele (Gaya Pastries), Eran Schwartzbred, and Miki Shmo (Shmo Pastries). The presentations will be projected onto enormous screens in front of 400 people, and will be facilitated by Carine Goren, editor of Al HaShulchan magazine and author of many popular baking books. The concept of the baking festival was imported from abroad, and this local version aims to give a boost to the art in Israel. Monday and Tuesday, March 6-7 from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. at the Tel Aviv Port, Hangar 11. Entrance is NIS 65. Tickets and details at (03) 648-8898,