Tel Aviv A GoGo

"Whisky A GoGo" is the name of one of the first discotheques ever, which opened in Paris in 1947.

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"Whisky A GoGo" is the name of one of the first discotheques ever, which opened in Paris in 1947. Since then, other clubs and music venues have usurped the name, with a Whisky A GoGo seemingly in every major city: London, Los Angeles and now Tel Aviv. Don't be fooled by the name, though. The Tel Aviv version, which opened two months ago on the grounds of the now-defunct port nightclub TLV, is its own breed. Its name is one thing that differentiates it from other lounge bars in the city, like Ehrlich, Ve lvet and Rivendell. "We see the name as something mythological," says Shai Davidoff, one of the owners. The large center bar, nestled underneath a large red chandelier, is usually packed with a Tel Aviv crowd aged 25 and older. Those at the bar came bef ore there was a line at the entrance, are friends with the owners or had whatever it took to earn the bouncers' approval. Surrounding the bar are several luxury sofas for groups looking more to eat and socialize than to do pick-ups or be picked up. The me nu features seafood dishes, salads and elegant wraps. Some bar-goers find room to dance to the fun, MTV-style music between the bar and sofas. Since the bar's opening, a lot of Israeli "celebs" have passed through its doors. Blame it on the mythologi ca l name, but in the past few weeks, high-level businessmen and diplomats have also been visiting. There was Stanley Gold, manager of Disney Investments, and the Israeli ambassador to London, Zvi Hefetz. Whisky A GoGo is where TV "Bachelor" Ari Goldman ma d e his first public appearance with his chosen one, Neta. But Whiskey A GoGo offers a fun, glamorous environment even for more average folk, who at the very least must know how to dress. Reservations are recommended for large groups. The Old Tel Avi v P ort; Hours: From 9 pm; Phone: 054-560-2262, 03-544-0633 l