The Year of Italy?

Ofakim Tours has unveiled a new promotional program entitled “The Year of Italy.”

Ofakim Tours has  unveiled a new promotional program entitled “The Year of Italy.” The company announced at a press conference in Tel Aviv last week that it, in partnership with Alitalia, had created new organized tour packages aimed at Israeli travelers to visit culturally relevant destinations across Italy this year.
The tours have been developed to highlight the many unique sites of Italy for all types of travelers. Examples include trips to annual carnivals and festivals, stays at gourmet wineries and health spas as well as art tours, attracting families, small groups, individuals and “premium clients” to participate in exploring the most special and not-often-seen destinations.
The various itineraries have been designed by Ofakim travel consultant Ora Rotenberg, who has an extensive background in destinations across Italy. As a private tour guide, she has included the mountains in the North, the island of Gargano, Lombardi, Tuscany, Amalfi, Sicily and Sardinia, among other interesting options.
Italy is a rare combination of diverse landscapes, rich culture and complex gastronomy just waiting to be discovered and explored, says Ofakim Tours’ public relations adviser Hanna Meron.
“The average amount of time Israelis spend in Italy is six days andOfakim’s travel packages to Italy reflect that,” she says. “Israelishave begun looking for close tourist and vacation sites. Italy is onlythree hours away and it has such a variety of all things to offer theIsraeli tourist, starting from low-cost packages to premium trips.”
Meronadds that “Italy a friendly country” in which both the government andpeople in the street are friendly to Israelis. “Take the pope’s recentvisit to the synagogue in Rome and Silvio Berlusconi’s recent visit toIsrael,” Meron says. “Italy is a perfect place – a combination ofexcellent food, wines, culture and views. hat more can you ask for?”